INTRODUCING: A Video About A Genius Solution For People With Feeding Tubes...
My Simple "Tubie Hack" To Manage Your Feeding Tube.
It Was More Than An Inconvenience....
Are you Frustrated? Have you suffered from Complications? …Skin Reactions, Leakage and even Dislodgment? Is your Lack of a good management system Keeping YOU from participating in important LIFE?
You are looking for a way to manage your feeding tube without discomfort, without frustration and WITHOUT TAPE!
Up until now you’ve tried Rigging it.  
Tape, shoelaces, safety pins and more; tucking it in, letting it hang. Perhaps you’ve even tried other belts...Unsuccessfully!
But that’s not the worst part,
now You Need Help to feed!
  Where is your Independence? 
 Where is your Freedom? 
- Do You Need A 3rd Hand?
It’s Physically Difficult. It’s Emotionally Draining and people don’t understand what you’ve lost; what you’ve been forced to give up. The struggle is REAL. 

You may have your Feeding Tube for a few Weeks, a few Months or for Life. You Deserve Better...
Regardless of why you have your feeding tube the fact is that you need and deserve to have a better way to manage it than the traditional “tape job” they’ve been giving people for years. You shouldn’t have to work THIS HARD.

Excessive Moisture, Infection, Skin Reactions, Leakage, Hyper-Granulation, Dislodgment; I’ve watched as my patients truly struggled with these issues and more...
The possible complications that come with a feeding tube are extensive, but your life is worth the risk that came with your feeding tube. Your life is worth more, it’s worth fighting for. So why settle for less when you can have more?

What if I told you we have a BETTER way.
No More Rigging and No MoreTape.

It’s easy, It’s comfortable, It’s versatile. It won’t bind, fold or pinch. It doesn’t hold in moisture. You can wear it anywhere on the abdomen or thorax. You can sleep in it and shower in it for 24 hour security.
Look, helping my patients was important, but it wasn’t enough anymore. It was time to share this Tubie Hack with others who need it. With others who are Ready for a solution that WORKS!

Meet Jack...
As a Radiation Therapist, I treated people like Jack. For more than 80 years Jack enjoyed the pleasures of Food, Life and Independence...
He was a husband, dad, a grandfather. He had hobbies, friends and Esophageal Cancer, which is how we met. 

 I remember when he lifted his shirt to show me his newly placed feeding tube and said, “can you believe they sent me home like this?” 
- Skin And Tape Don't Mix.
His stomach was sore, covered in tape, he feared the tube would be pulled out, and his frustrations heightened when he needed help to feed.

So, what do these people do? 
They rig them. I saw, everything from bag ties and rubber bands, to shoe laces, but the man who cut off the top of his underwear to use the elastic gave me an Idea for a BETTER WAY.    
- Shoelace Really?
- Rubber Bands...Kinking Weakens the Tube...
It didn’t take long to discover what patient’s DIDN'T LIKE. 
  • ​I too started with a wide band, but soon found that it would fold when bending or sitting.
  • ​Others must be worn tight at the sensitive insertion site and may hold in moisture.
  • ​They can be time consuming requiring that long tubes be neatly rolled up and put away after every feeding.
  • ​They can't be showered in and they are VERY CUMBERSOME.
Then it came to me...
Comfort Feed was Tested by my patients. After trial and error, I was able to come up with a solution that returns independence and dignity all while managing the tube.
We are the only ones...
  • With an adjustable neck strap allowing for the belt to be worn loose if needed and for the shirt to be held up during feeding.
  • ​We use a narrow non-roll elastic band that can be worn anywhere above or below the insertion site.
  • ​The Velcro is color coded for easy use, blue to blue holds the belt in place, while orange holds the tube.
  • ​It's highly customizable to fit different body shapes and sizes.
  • ​It is breathable, can be slept in and showered in for 24 hour security.
Now you can manage your feeding tube in the way that is Best for You. Wear your Comfort Feed WHERE you want and HOW you want for 24 hour security.  
No More Rigging, No More Tape!
Erika Maritz...
Erika Maritz, a Radiation Therapist RT (R)(M)(T), developed the Comfort Feed Feeding Tube Holder. 

She designed and manufactured them at her home and gave them to patients at the Community Cancer Center at no cost, asking only for their feedback in return. 

The Comfort Feed was designed and redesigned based on patient feedback until she came up with the most versatile, adjustable and comfortable feeding tube holder possible.
Order today to get Your Comfort Feed

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What People Are Saying About COMFORT FEED...
"... very pleasant solution."
“I had difficulty sleeping with the feeding tube… 
Now, it stays out of the way, yet it is still very accessible. 
A very pleasant solution.”

"What a Wonderful Invention..."
“What a Wonderful Invention! …Thank you for answering the most troubling issue I had regarding my daughter’s feeding tube. 
You are an angel!”             
Debra (Mother) 
"...our patients...with the Comfort Feed..."
For many years at the Community Cancer Center, we have supplied our patients with feeding tubes with the Comfort Feed device. 

 The Comfort Feed enables our patients to be mobile without ‘flapping feeding tubes’ this also decreases the risk of granulation around the stoma. 

 The Comfort Feed is adjustable and washable which keeps it clean and is suitable for all sizes and shapes of our patients.

Ally F. Gottfried MFN, RD. LD Oncology Dietitian

Better Than The Rest...
Independence In Feeding
Get Your Comfort Feed Belt TODAY 
limited time offer!
100% - 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
If for any reason you are not happy with YOUR Comfort Feed Belt, send it back within 30 days and we will return 100% of your investment back to you. 
Here’s A Recap Of
When You Purchase This AMAZING Offer!
  • No More Rigging, No More Tape.
  • Designed With You In Mind.
  • Taking Back Your Independence During Feeding.
  • Boost Your Confidence, Security and Comfort.
  • ​Reduce Chances of Complications.
  • Adjustments To Fit Most Body-types.
  • The Only Feeding Tube Belt You Will Ever Need.
Get Your Comfort Feed Belt Now!
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