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My Simple Tubie Hack to Manage your Feeding Tube.
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Comfort Feed was developed by a Radiation Therapist who said:
 “I couldn’t stand to see the patients with feeding tubes (G-Tube, PEG tube) struggle each day. I noticed it was more than an inconvenience for these people, it was simply UNMANAGEABLE!”

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Erika Maritz - A Radiation Therapist RT (R)(M)(T) developed the Comfort Feed feeding tube holder. She designed and manufactured them at her home and gave them to patients at the Community Cancer Center at no cost, asking only for their feedback in return. The Comfort Feed was designed and redesigned based on patient feedback until she came up with the most versatile, adjustable and comfortable feeding tube holder possible.

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  What People Are Saying:
"... very pleasant solution."
“I had difficulty sleeping with the feeding tube… Now, it stays out of the way, yet it is still very accessible. 
A very pleasant solution.”
Jack - Roseburg, OR
"What a Wonderful Invention..."
“What a Wonderful Invention! …Thank you for answering the most troubling issue I had regarding my daughter’s feeding tube. 
You are an angel!”             
Debra (Mother) - Winston, OR
"...our patients...with the Comfort Feed..."
For many years at the Community Cancer Center, we have supplied our patients with feeding tubes with the Comfort Feed device. 

 The Comfort Feed enables our patients to be mobile without ‘flapping feeding tubes’ this also decreases the risk of granulation around the stoma

 The Comfort Feed is adjustable and washable which keeps it clean and is suitable for all sizes and shapes of our patients.

Ally F. Gottfried MFN, RD. LD
Oncology Dietitian
- Roseburg, OR
Only USA for Now
- Adult Size - 26"-46"
- Child Size - 18"-28"
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